Our dinosaur products are models based on the latest scientific facts and discoveries.
Artistic dinosaur models bring these extinct creatures back to life.
We provide affordable, high-quality products, which are not just like toys but of museum quality.
Our models are evolved from the imaginative power of the paleoartist, as well as from the latest discoveries of paleontology.

Marine Models are fabricated scientifically accurate.
We provide affordable, contemporary marine life products of high quality.
It is appropriate for both, children and adults.

The Great Fishing series is the collection for people who love fishing.
We have done an expanded research about fish. So we have many kinds of fish figures and also some other goods like key rings.


Most of our models are made of poly-resin with a wooden base. The use of poly-resin allows beautiful expressions of details and color. The use of poly-resin allows beautiful expressions of details and color. The models are painted with an acrylic resin, which is long-lasting and looks natural.
Each product is hand-painted, therefore slight variations may occur.

Dinosaur Soft Model series and Marine Life series are made of environmentally friendly PVC. The painting passed the SUV test.

Michael Trcic

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Michael Trcic was inspired by both his brothers and the 1933 “King Kong” movie to become a special effects artist. In his carrier he worked in over twenty movies as a special effects sculptor and artist. His most famous works include models for “Jurassic Park” (his infamous T-Rex model), “Terminator 2”, “Batman Returns” and “The Naked Gun”. Today Michael Trcic owns his own sculpture studio and creates various types of sculptures, among which his dinosaur models are world-renowned.

Takashi Oda

He started his career as a modern artist. 1996 he got the opportunity to
take part in the making of a dinosaur fossil event. Afterwards he started to paint ancient creatures.
Every year he is publishing picture books, holding individual and group shows, and is also painting by order of museums.
His scientific and also original paintings are highly acclaimed.

Ren Hirayama

Born in Tokyo in 1956. After graduating from the Faculity of Economics at Keio University, he majored in Vertebrate Paleontology at Kyoto University Graduate School.
He studied about reptiles, mostly turtle's biology and evolution.
His activities like digging up fossils and lecturing take place all over Japan.
At present he is an associate professor at Waseda University teaching natural historical science at School of International Liberal Studies.
He offers his comments about dinosaurs at Favorite Collection and also supervises our dinosaur products.

Kazunari Araki

The best dinosaur sculptor in Japan.
He directs the dinosaur models displayed at the Japanese Natural History Museum and also makes models for dinosaur books.
His wide activities take place by holding individual exhibitions and seminars at museums.

Hirokazu Tokugawa

A Paleo-artist whose work is used at museum exhibitions and events. He also makes commodity models as well as he is offering his work to the digital database "Dinobase"
which has been developed by the University of Bristol.
He won a prize at Dinosaur Art Contest held by the Sam Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (professional range).