Our dinosaur models contain Desktop Model, Skull & Jaws, Skeleton Model, and more.
Almost all items are supervised by dinosaur specialists like dinosaur artists and professors of paleontology. So our products are based on the latest scientific facts and discoveries.
Our accurately produced, high quality products will bring these popular extinct creatures back to life. Dive into the fascinating world of Dinosaurs and get yourself an idea of our products.

Marine Life

The animals living in the sea are mysterious, varied and often lovely.
Dive into this fascinating world of marine animals with Marine Life, which depicts some of the most popular creatures of the sea.
Experience them by our profoundly detailed Models.
Our product range consists of Desktop Models, Soft and Vinyl Models and Accessories. High quality Desktop Models and Soft Models can be displayed. Vinyl Models are soft and perfect to be played with.

The Great Fishing

The Great Fishing series is for every angler who loves fishing.
We hope to transfer the delight of fishing into the anglers` home.
We have prepared many kinds of fish figures, tableware and accessories. With our products you can talk about fishing with your friends anytime and anywhere.

The Animal World

We, humankind, coexist with many kinds of creatures on this earth now. Through these animals, we feel the preciousness of life, learn the importance of natural environment, and see the mystery of evolution. "The Animal World" series is focused on the wild animals currently living on the earth.
Feel the nature from these vigorous animal figures.


We succeeded in producing the prehistoric figure.That have a high quality. You have a variety of individuality targets, and can enjoy the world of the extinct organisms to which the charm different from a dinosaur is released. The prototype manufacture including coloring is Tokugawa who is a dinosaur and an extinct-organisms restoration model writer.

Ancient Fish

We succeeded in producing the ancient fish figure that have a high quality in low price.This series is made of a soft and resilient material.